Give the gift of  


 by mastering the 

   two most powerful    protocols on Earth for   clearing entities. 


Introducing the NEW...

Wait a minute...


Take a training in clearing ghosts and possession?


With everything going on out there right now?



You might be thinking that it’s somewhat bold of me to ask you to ask you

at one of the most intense moments of polarity in history

to learn about ghosts, demons, entities and possession,

become a modern-day exorcist,

and stand face to face with the most tricky and dense energy on Earth.

And then I transmute them all

by summoning actual Cosmic Dragons.


You might be thinking this sounds intense or even a bit scary.

Or maybe like something from Lord of the Rings.



The truth is

this is a training in multidimensional practices

that are pure magic.


I wouldn't ask you to do it if it wasn't critical for all of us.

And, I know you can do this.

That's why I'm handing you the most powerful tools

I’ve ever worked with in my life.


I hope you will let that last sentence land in you. 

Learning to clear dense energy and free people

from the confines of their past, the binds of their ancestry,

and the despair of their traumas is of paramount importance now.


As we move towards liberation as a human collective, the programs, spells and attachments

that have become lodged inside us must be expelled. 


If your fear or doubt get the best of you (fear and doubt are ALWAYS your mind talking)

the people you serve will stay covered up,

stuck in trauma, or separated from their true potential. 



Do NOT let that happen!

Start now. Change people's lives forever

with tools that will set them free with just one intervention.



After 2,000 years and many living Masters nurturing the knowledge and passing it on, 


You now have an opportunity to become my apprentice

in the healing technology that 

is the most profound blessing I have ever received as a healer.


Ancient teachers who focused on the spiritual origins of disease

have given us two protocols for transforming souls

by removing entities, clearing ghosts, and transmuting possession.


We've been given the exact instructions for

opening a portal from Heaven to Earth. This portal allows Cosmic Forces to enter your sacred space and partner you in true alchemical healing. 


Take this opportunity to learn how to engage with

high-level multidimensional work 

that sets people free from their pasts. 


This is your chance to learn the language of liberation.


is a brand new and freshly transmitted series of 6 crystal clear lectures 

designed to pass you the knowledge of two ancient protocols for clearing entities

and all of the secrets that make them pop.

  • Set people free of their past

    by mastering the two most powerful entity-clearing protocols in existence and transform people's lives by giving them the gift of a fresh start

  • Uplevel your stone medicine skills

    by learning more about the crystals and minerals that were born to partner you in this work and feel the poetry of the stones weave themselves more deeply into your consciousness

  • Learn the golden clinical tips

    you'll only get from a professional with thousands of hours of experience in this work watch your practice and your contribution grow and expand

"Amazing knowledge, understanding, and reverence.


I am totally hooked.

I cannot cannot cannot wait to learn more!


Sarah is an amazing teacher. I felt deeply connected to the way
she told stories, repeated important information,

had great analogies, and brought the highest of heights

down to ground level.

I'm very excited!

A.D. Songwriter and Healer

It all goes

way back...

to a very old Daoist text that illuminated the spiritual origins of disease.


Clearing entities and transmuting possession were done first because people are like gardens. Weeds grow up in us fast.


When these energies are transmuted, we are set free. LIFE CHANGES. Perhaps more than from any other intervention.

Chronic pain releases,

deep patterns disappear,

and spiritual blocks are gone.


Like the Wu of the past, we don't need to use stainless steel acupuncture needles.

We can work directly with Nature.

Natural stones become the needles.


Learning these protocols has been the biggest gift I've ever received.


Open your hands and receive them.

"When I found Sarah's course I was burned out from learning online.


But, I couldn't stop thinking about it

and my heart kept calling me back to it, so I signed up.


Sarah's work has changed my life again.

My consciousness has risen.

My desire to awaken has come forward again. My medicine is all the more potent and healing for the planet and all its beings.


I feel like I have finally found a teacher who speaks to my heart

and a community that supports
who I am."

K.M , Herbalist and Healer

"I told myself I wouldn't make any purchases for a while. But, when I saw that this was a way to get my CEUs, how could I pass it up?


I got some of these teachings in school but they just left me wondering. I pushed them aside and went on practicing without understanding this.


This course explains it all clearly and I can start utilizing this

with my patients with confidence!


My interest in energy, stones and soul-healing is on fire once again."


T.S. Acupuncturist and Energy Healer

Take a Sneak Peek at

Your New Apprenticeship

Part 1.

Discover the 2,000 year-old Story of the Mysterious Birdman

and Receive the Transmission of the Cosmic Dragons


1.Discover the ancient text and origin of Chinese Medicine, its transmission on the true origins of dis-ease, and why it’s all so relevant today


2.Encounter the mysterious author of the text, the real tools he used to heal, and what he passed on


3.Experience a rarely shared teaching about the Cosmic Dragons and remember who they are

Part 2.

Learn How to Diagnose, Track and Transmute Ghosts, Demons, Entities

and Possession and Create True Freedom for Your Patients


1.Learn the specifics and differences between these energies and discern the subtleties of how they express


2.Learn the one crucial indicator you need to diagnose. Get this under your belt and you can sense entities without ever sharing a word


3.Discover the different ways people's lives might look when each of these are present and how they change when each one is cleared

Part 3.

Master Stone Medicine by Commanding Fluorite, Topaz

and Other Transmutational Stones


1.Bridge ancient worlds with future technologies by remembering the true nature of stones and crystals and their unique superpowers


2.Learn about several stones that clear entities and transmute dense energy and discern when to work with each one


3.Learn how to clear, recharge and care for stones and sacred space involved in this powerful work

Part 4.

Discern the Differences Between the Two Protocols and Learn How to Effectively Apply Them for Extraordinary Results


1.Experience a step-by-step guide to visualizing the layouts, finding the points and learning the sequencing


2.Discover different methods for placing the stones on the points and what to do once they're all placed


3.Learn the simple I AM sentence I always have the patient say out loud before and the activation that ignites

Part 5.

Engage the Qi and Open the Portal with Specific “Needle Techniques” with Stones


1.Learn how to apply the stones on the body and manipulate them to engage the qi for dispersion


2.Learn how different natural crystal shapes enhance the energy and how to potentiate the "empty space"


3.Learn how to prepare stones for this work, cleanse them after the work, and activate them during the work

Part 6. Learn Crucial Wu Potentiations and Ritual Methods That Create Truly Transformational Experiences


1.Discover the rarely understood esoteric knowledge and sacred geometries that source these layouts


2.Learn how sound gets vibrationally coded by Cosmic Forces and how to stir the portal with sound


3.Discover the fundamental secrets that will always clear dense energy- until the end of time

 When you say Yes,

Everything can be taken in at your own pace.


You start the journey the moment you enroll

and keep all of the knowledge for life. 

"Sarah is a true gem.

I learned how to pair stones with soul-level work!


 This was totally refreshing and new

and it was filled with treatment pearls."


D.G. Professional Healer

If you’re ready to work side by side with Cosmic Forces

claim the soul-healing magician you are,

and see the Oneness in face you look upon, 

you’ve found your hidden Mystery School door.

"These teachings give active compassion a new meaning.


Thank you for the guidance and the experiences they have ignited."


Licensed Acupuncturist



"This was good, beautiful 

and powerful for me.

I feel realigned and re-connected IN WHOLE

with my medicine.


I can’t tell you how excited I am about the wealth of knowledge and experiences I'm having!


I’ve been working with crystals for ten years now and I'm amazed at the shear breadth and depth in these teachings."


Crystal and Energy Healer


"I did not get this in school!


I actually feel like I understand something I learned long ago!

I started applying the treatments as soon as I started the class and I had profound results! 


I have already told so many friends about this course!"


Licensed Acupuncturist


Crystal healers, acupuncturists, energy healers, distance healers, naturopaths, craniosacral therapists, crystal grid workers, psychics and readers, coaches, NEW healers, medical Qi Gong practitioners, Reiki practitioners, bodyworkers

and ALL other souls of service...



at the turning of this great cycle, we need to be freed and returned to our natural state. 



These courses have been some of the most unique and transformative journeys I have taken thus far.


Sarah has combined her vast knowledge and perspectives in such a beautiful that provides

the space for deep inner transformation within me.


I highly highly recommend them for anyone who wishes to form a deeper relationship with the stones and with themselves.


Sarah is truly divinely inspired and inspires me to find the same."


M.K. Scientist and Healer




"Your course is so clear and so easy to stay engaged!

Not only did it give me a more intimate relationship with a group of stones,


it took me on a profound journey of my own transformation

and gave me a roadmap to follow in moving through these potent times."


Sonja Denelzen, Registered Acupuncturist

 My Guarantee on this Training: 

 Promises made over garnets can never be broken. 

(this garnet promise makes this a no-brainer). 


Since 2013, we've been surrounded by happy, inspired and effective students at The Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine.


I aim to keep it that way because it's the most important thing to me. This is why I've created a full guarantee on this course. If you're unhappy with your enrollment for any reason simply email us within 30 days at and we will quickly reply and refund your entire investment IN FULL.

Jessica, your student assistant, will be right on the other end ready to refund you

and she will even thank you for giving us a try.


You can enroll in this journey with absolutely zero risk.

And... here's an extra promise because I want you to rest even easier...


I believe in this work so much. I've seen it help so many people in ways that redefine their lives. So many of us know this work is rock-solid, but I know you won't until you try it.

That's why I want to make you the biggest promise I can make on any course.


I will offer you a full refund on this course for an entire year from this day.

All you have to do is show me you've done the work (I'll ask for something simple). I don't want you to feel rushed in doing the treatments and I know this works if you really apply yourself and the teachings. So, yes, you heard me right. Jessica will be right there at to return your investment in full for one whole year if you didn't get results.


You can enroll in this journey with zero risk and so very much to gain.

Surprise! When you enroll,

you receive these extra bonuses:


When you enroll in Transmuting Entities with the Cosmic Dragons of the One,

all of these treasures are yours!


Bonus #1 - A Down-to-Earth Guide to Opening Portals in Sacred Space

LIVE Class and Q&A with Sarah

What: Live Class and Q&A

When: First, we'll give you some time with the training and then we'll send you an invite

Value: $275

Pun is intended! Opening portals that come down from Heaven to Earth is a part of our work as those who dwell here in bodies. In the course, you’ll see that we make our way into some very interesting space in regards to ancient portal technology connected to the Dragons. We will continue that exploration in this class and Q&A. In this territory, memories and A-ha’s begin to stir. You start to connect your remembrances to other areas of your life as they grid through your consciousness. This is a time when questions and curiosities arise. It’s also a time when it will serve you to hear the experiences and questions your fellow dragon-whisperers are walking with. It’s always good to receive that invitation - that Zoom link - when you’re least expecting it, to a place where you can learn more, ask questions, and be a part of the mysterious unfolding that collaborative conversation ignites. These live classes are always SO alive.



Bonus #2 - 10% off Code on Your Entire Order in Our Crystal Shop

What: A coupon code for students of this course only

When: As soon as you enroll, you'll see the code on your Home Page

Value: $50-$100

We started a crystal shop right here on our land in the mountains and we ship all over the world. We did this because for years I've been passionately telling students what stones to try out for specific work. Without fail, they immediately ask, "Where do I get that?" After years of pointing people all over the Earth to ethical, knowledgeable sellers, we decided to make it easier by making the stones available right here at the school. For this training, we worked hard to stock up on what we call "The Ghost Collection." These stones are specifically powerful for clearing entities and transmuting possession. And, like always in our shop, they are completely natural - no polishes, dyes, or heat treatments. When you enroll, you'll see your coupon code in your curriculum and a link to our shop. If you see something(s) there you want to try out, you'll receive it with love and at a discount.



Bonus #3 - The Gift of Coded Sound

What: I'll share my entire "song list" for summoning dragons

When: You'll find it in your curriculum

Value: $500

It's so hard to put a value on this because, well... it's everything. I'm a bit of a cosmic DJ and students have been beating down our doors for my song lists for years. Sometimes, it's simply not the guidance to share it. For this training, the list needs to be unleashed! I put "song list" in quotations because that's how it's cloaking itself. In reality, these are sound activations that you'll learn to finesse and partner with. You'll play them for receivers of this work at the right moments. The songs are vibrationally coded by the Higher Forces you'll be working with. That means that frequencies specifically for your patient get uploaded into the songs by something smarter than you and me. These frequencies HEAL and AWAKEN. They also stir and open the heart, which is crucial for movement and transformation. By the way, I can't give you these songs and activations directly because they don't belong to me. I'll give you the title of the song and the artist and you'll easily be able to download from your favorite source for sound. By the way, you'll also receive some coded SIGHT gifts you'll love working with. 



Bonus #4 - Access to Our Grads Only Social Media Group

What: A place to share and ask questions with people in this training

When: Ongoing through the training and beyond

Value: Any connection could lead to ANYthing! Let’s say atleast $500

We have a private Facebook group only for graduates of these trainings. You can go into your group, type in a question or an experience, and you'll receive feedback, answers, reflections and new ideas in the comments from others who are walking along this path. It really comes in handy when you're about to do the work and you just need a little support or question answered. You can pop on and someone will be there to help out. We also share coupons, special offers and events with grads only, so you'll begin receiving those as well. AND, grads share news about gem shows, other events, special finds, so you'll be in the loop in the stone and crystal world, too. 





So, lets recap.


When you enroll in

Transmuting Entities with the Cosmic Dragons of the One

you get instant access to 6 modules of content - the videos, the audios, the handouts - the two most powerful protocols I've ever worked with in my life - and everything that makes them come alive and change lives.

(Value $3,400)



  • 6 modules of the most clear and empowering healing intel

    Plus audios and handouts (value $3,400)

  • 12 Continuing Education Credits from the National Commission Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

  • Lifetime Membership in Our Graduates Only Private Facebook Group

Over $3,400 in value

plus some priceless connections!








 Enroll in 

Transmuting Entities with the  Cosmic  Dragons of the One 


2 installments of $277






The Plain Truth After Thousands

of Hours of Experience in this Work:


These are the treatments that my patients ask for over and over again. More than any other treatment. Ever. 


These are the ones they come back for. These are the treatments that patients tell the story of over tea with their friends. These are the treatments that make a more powerful impact than any other treatment I've known.


These treatments don’t need to be done in any order, in any series, or with anything else in place. These treatments make the rest of the treatments actually work! Because, these treatments create the SPACE for them to work.


These are the treatments that kept my practice busier than I could handle, kept our clinic on a waiting list, made us known in our town, and made everything spread by word of mouth. 


They are the most powerful singular treatments I have ever given or experienced in my life. Hands down. I could not imagine doing this work without them. Learning these protocols is possibly the biggest gift I ever received as a healer. 


These are the treatments that hook your clients for life

on real spiritual healing. These are the ones that restore their faith in natural healing, restore their faith in healing in general, and restore their faith in themselves.

So, dear healer...this is your moment

to listen to your heart.

You can open yourself to a new study now. You can choose to enter into a deeper dance with the alchemy available to you in these prophetic times. 


You can take your seat with a guide who has the depth of experience to take you through this and land you at a level of much higher abilities.


You can focus your attention to learning these two protocols and the stones that make them come alive.

You or your patients will start changing now. 


Entities, ghosts and the things that have held you and your clients back

can transmute NOW. 


You can keep searching for powerful work. You can stumble through free teachings, YouTube videos, hoping a real method or modality will appear. You won’t find this level of medicine in those places, though. 


And, while you’re waiting and sorting through tons of ads and promises…

you could already be immersing yourself here,  in an ancient method

that’s been freeing people for over 2000 years!


Don’t let your patients, family or friends go forward without YOU holding these tools for them. You can make a change for them that is nothing short of life-changing NOW.

Wait until you hear some of my stories about people receiving these protocols.

You don’t have to wait for something better to come along. This is it. 

Make your heart-guided choice now

before the doors close.








 Enroll in 

Transmuting Entities with the  Cosmic  Dragons of the One 


2 installments of $277






The depth of your stone medicine course allowed me

to experience miracles,
openings, insights, game-changers, and realizations

I never could have imagined.


Turquoise started working with me

even before I found the physical stone to work with.

I wear her all the time on my heart as she
continues to find and restore ghosted parts of myself and my family

and weave forgiveness into the fabric of a traumatized past.


I have already recommended this to so many friends.

Too many!"


G.C. Healer and Teacher

"I rarely take classes because it’s hard to find work that is comparable to what I’ve already studied. I think Sarah is right up there with all of my teachers.


As a healer, it’s all intuitive for me, but now I’m much more confident with choosing stones and can back up my intuitions with knowledge.

I recommend Sarah's classes to so many people!"


Energy Healer

"These classes are not just another stone or crystal course.

These classes heals the soul and spirit.


It opens doorways to know oneself better, to let go of old baggage and to evolve.


The tuition does not even begin to pay for what I have received."


Holistic Veterinarian

"If I could give this course 5000 stars I would. And Sarah would get at least that many. She is the perfect guide to explore this information due to her deep love and sincerity for the subject and her role in being a guide to explore this area.


I have had a strong interest in stones for some time but except for reading a few books I had never had any sort of grounded guidance. "


Medicine Man








 Enroll in 

Transmuting Entities with the  Cosmic  Dragons of the One 


2 installments of $277






Sarah Thomas, LAc

Founder and Lead instructor at Upper Clarity Stone Medicine

Sarah is a healer, acupuncturist and educator with over fifteen years of clinical and academic experience in Daoist stone medicine.

Sarah developed North Carolina's first Studies in Mineral Healing Program at Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism, teaches yearly at Earth medicine conferences across the U.S., and certifies "stonalists" across the world in thriving online certification programs here at Upper Clarity.

Sarah’s own Dao is to resurrect the vast knowledge and uncharted potentials of healing and awakening with stones. Sarah has a burning passion for clearing entities and calling in Cosmic Dragons and has been sharing these treatments day in and day out for over a dozen years.

Jessica Sparks-Mussulin

Teacher Assistant and Coordinator of Student Success

When Jessica's not rockhounding, she's helping students. She' become a legend in the world of rocking assistance! She's your easy email contact for course success. Email her with any questions or concerns, starting now if you need to!

She's at

  Frequently Asked Questions 

How are so many different types of healers getting such great results with these treatments?

What happens when I enroll? What's the format of the course?

Is this difficult to learn? Will there be too much to memorize?

This is your opportunity to learn a complete system for clearing entities by knowing how to find only 14 points on the body! When you learn these points, you can clear people powerfully for the rest of your life. And, with style. Because you've got the stones. This is the only system in Chinese Medicine that's this simple because you only have to learn two treatments! I'll make sure you have a lot of visual guides and tools you need. 

How many stones will I need to gather to start practicing? And, what kinds?

Will I learn the properties of several stones in this course?

I learned the Dragons Protocols in Chinese Medicine School. Do I need to take this training?

How do we get our 12 CEU certificate after we complete the course and how long does the certificate take to get here?

Florida and California have different requirements for CEUs through NCCAOM. If I'm licensed in one of those states, how do I know if these course credits will be approved for me?

What's the refund policy?

How long do I have to complete this course?

The depth of your course allowed me

to experience miracles,
openings, insights, game-changers, and realizations

I never could have imagined.


Turquoise started working with me

even before I found the physical stone to work with.

I wear her all the time on my heart as she
continues to find and restore ghosted parts of myself and my family

and weave forgiveness into the fabric of a traumatized past.


I have already recommended this to so many friends.

Too many!"


G.C. Healer and Teacher








 Enroll in 

Transmuting Entities with the  Cosmic  Dragons of the One 


2 installments of $277






Plants, stones and everything of the Earth simply reflect you back to you. They reflect your ideas, beliefs, unconscious stories and states of consciousness. Only you can make anything "work." Furthermore, true holistic systems, like ancient Daoist medicine, rely fully on the state of consciousness of the practitioner. Like quantum science, the observer affects the experiment. Therefore, we do not have the ability to, or claim to, make you an effective healer by teaching you one singular course or technique. We do not guarantee you will get any results at all, nor the benefits of results, such as better relationships or a growing practice. We hope you will bring full awareness of you to this field of potential, claiming full responsibility for your states, beliefs, possible perceived failures and also your successes and achievements in healing.

© Copyrights by Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine and Sarah Thomas, LAc. All Rights Reserved.