• 9 inspiring modules that will change the way you see Earth medicine forever

  • Covers thousands of years of knowledge

  • NCCAOM Approved for 12 CEU/PDAs for Acupuncturists and O.M. practitioners

"Wow! This has deepened my medicine with the stones, myself, my clients, and my creations.


In all of the most magical and profound ways. 

These are transmissions my heart was waiting for!"

Lorin Purifoy, Owner Purifoy Spirit Remedies and Sacred Ways Apothecary

  • Is making stone elixirs an ancient healing art? Or is this something new?

    Yes, it's a very old practice mostly stemming from ancient China. The great thing about this course is that it bridges the old wisdom with the new vibrational medicine discoveries.

  • Is this like herbal medicine? Or flower essences? Or both? How do I combine stones with what I'm already making?

    Yes! This is one of the most exciting parts - when you know how stones are different, and how to make stone elixirs, you can alchemize many different Earth medicines. Witchin' in the Kitchen in full effect.

  • How do I make these safely? Aren't there harmful metals in some stones?

    Yes, there are. You do need a guide in this work. This course will guide you into complete understanding of heavy metals and how you can make any stone elixir with 100% full safety.

  • How do I really make these work? Aren't there energetic (magical) factors in making medicine that truly transforms people?

    The beauty and poetry of Chinese Medicine and it's relationship with life, qi, power and magic will all be explored. This could be your most important question.

  • How do I figure out the right dosage? How do I create a handy apothecary? What are all the clinical tips?

    These questions are all answered by a practitioner with fifteen years of real clinical experience.

  • I'm not a professional practitioner. Is this course for me?

    Yes. One of our specialties here at Upper Clarity is making stone medicine accessible to everyone. Energy healers, alchemists, herbalists, and your everyday medicine-person of the household have always studied here and have had great experiences.

I was hooked the entire course.


This was beyond anything I could have ever imagined it would be. It was not only the information being shared, it was the way that you shared it that made learning so fun and engaging.


This teaching alone will change the course of my life moving forward in how I relate and form relationships with everything in existence. 


As I practice embodying this, things are beginning to slowly shift, mainly internally but externally as well.


Cultivating my relationship with stones has already brought so much joy and life-force energy into my life, I get so giddy around them. As though they are the very best friends I did not know have always been there for me until now. I honestly get emotional from that realization.


I know within my body that this connection can only deepen and strengthen as we continue to nurture our relationship with one another.


This course has also opened up potentials

I had not even acknowledge prior.


I can feel ideas stewing in my creative cauldron of how I might work with the stones to be in greater service of the whole.


I am not currently a practitioner of any kind but have long felt a calling to be.


I believe there will soon come a moment where I will release my current profession of being a nanny and jump into the void of the unknown. 

V.V. Stone-Lover

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This experience opened the doors for

old friends of mine to step back into my life.


The flower devas, the trees - all wanting to be a part of my work with the stones.

My communication with the animal kingdom opened back up as well.

It's like I walked out into a big old family reunion.


Flowers, trees, rocks and animals - all of my favorite things!"

J.B., Holistic Veternarian

Sarah Thomas, LAc

Founder and Lead instructor at Upper Clarity Stone Medicine

Sarah Thomas, MAc, LAc is a graduate of the first masters program in Acupuncture ever offered in the US, Tai Sophia Institute (now Maryland University of Integrative Health). Sarah has owned Clarity Acupuncture in Asheville, North Carolina since 2009. She has performed over10,000 stone/needle hybrid treatments and has been working with elixirs for over 15 years. Sarah founded the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine in 2013, which guides acupuncturists, herbalists, other healers, and pure crystal-lovers through ancient practices within stone medicine. Her Daoist training is extensive and she teaches all over the U.S. at conferences and events. Sarah synthesizes multiple wisdom traditions with lived experience in order to share the vast potentials of healing and awakening with stones.

Jessica Sparks-Mussulin

When Jessica's not rockhounding, she's taking care of stone medicine students. She'll help you with logistics and practical aspects of course success and completion. She's been studying stone medicine for a decade and has been with Upper Clarity for 8 years! She's an amazing T.A. and will help you gain success in the course.

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"This resonates deep in my bones!

I've gotta go make more elixirs!

This was SO well done.

Seriously, This was so much more than I expected.

It was wonderful." 



- L. Greiner, License Acupuncturist and Stone Medicine Practitioner

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