Allow me to blow the mountain mist

away from the Temple so you can see it clearly.

In this online world, it’s easy to walk right past the real Mystery School doors. 


Look up from the busy and noisy streets. 

A training like this could look like just another crystal class or yet another online course.


(poof to that mountain mist!  ...it could not be further from that). 


Or, maybe you're thinking this is just another invitation

to get lost in a mountain of information and to-do lists.

(poof to that mist, too. That’s not it). 


Really, look up.


All of our ancestors from every tradition, and especially the ones who sought to awaken others,

have worked with stones.

True relationship with the Earth is so important and the stones have such a special role.


But, here in the modern world, stone and crystal education has been highly inadequate. 


You know that. You’ve moved beyond opening channeled books to see what stones 'do.' 

You passionately desire to walk with the medicine - to learn ancient protocols,

to experience real relationship

- to know from within.


In a world of growing illusion, if you don’t find a guide;

if you don’t apprentice with someone who can light the path, 

you could miss this opportunity to accelerate your awakening. You could miss chance to

receive the light that the stones have prepared specifically for you. 


Do not miss that chance. 

You now have a rare opportunity to take a full training in stone medicine from a true Mystery School.


Your guide has appeared, the temple doors are opening,

the ancient teachers are gathering,

and your stone allies are standing by your side.


Temple of Stone is preparing to raise you to your next level of awakening. 


You see, the stone and crystal kingdom was always meant

to bridge Heaven and Earth.


Awakened ones throughout history have built temples high in the mountains,

stone pyramids rising over the jungles, and mounds of quartz reaching to the stars.


Stones bridge us to the higher worlds. They raise our level of consciousness.

They receive the Light and give the incoming frequencies a place to land.



Are you starting to see the temple more clearly now?


If you know you're here to bridge these worlds,

the stones and crystals are your allies on the path.


Temple of Stone is your opportunity to claim your destiny as

a carrier of stone medicine and to carry these protocols forward - not just for healing, 

for awakening.


is a live online 9-week certification training 

in stone and crystal medicine

existent to pass you the knowledge of 27 stones according to ancient Daoist texts and beyond, while guiding you through a traditional ceremonial progression of personal awakening.


  • Study from centuries-old masters and teachers - the largest body of stone knowledge from any ancient culture - and watch yourself transform into one of the most well-trained stone healers on Earth


  • Enter the ceremony of the 9-week progression and experience a personal shift that leads to true embodiment of this path. Now, you can walk with more congruence and carry an integrated wisdom of the stones and the Earth. 


  • Watch your world transform as you weave the poetry of the stones into your healing, rituals, Earthwork, medicines, and your sacred everyday life. Witness your contribution to the world transform!


  • Grab 30 CEUs from NCCAOM while you’re at it!


"This class was worlds beyond ANY course on ANY subject that I have ever taken. Hands down - the best.


Far better information, basis of information, and delivery. Honoring of each individual to tune in and find one's OWN relationship with the stones and the information itself!

Most courses touch on one or two of those - but this had it all and more.”


Carol Crestetto

PhD, Energy Healing Researcher and Grandmother

This ceremonial progression we moved through in this course helped my soul like nothing I have experienced before.


The way Sarah teaches is so full of passion and deep spiritual knowledge and it gave me something well beyond what I was expecting. I also now have invaluable insights and information about stones and minerals to help my health, to help others, and the earth.

We so desperately need to connect in to ourselves, and to the earth, and this course does all of that and more.


Kate R.

healer and stonalist

“Learning the creation story of individual stones introduced me

to the places where light streams

and dark night shapeshifts to illuminate the truth.


I learned treatment protocols I had seen in visions, but never encountered a class where they were named.


I can not recommend this course enough.


It is a true lineage class, brought forth with no attachment to perform, compete, or to overwhelm the senses.


What was most valuable, was the gentle reminder that each week’s process of learning was at our own pace - as simple as that was, it was also such permission for me to feel rather than compete with my own self to “finish”- and then I had so much more heart space. I sought out Sarah Thomas specifically to learn from.

This journey changed me

and the people around me.


Arabella Kauffmann

Indigo Acupuncture

A Glimpse at the Ceremony Inside

The Ceremonial Progression:


Week 1: Burn The Past

Week 2: Talisman of the Heart

Week 3: The True Pearl

Week 4: Listen to the Silence

Week 5: Illumination

Week 6: Entraining the Elixir

Week 7: Shapeshifter

Week 8: The Hidden Elixir

Week 9: Oneness


The Materia Medica:


  • Amethyst

  • Pearl

  • Amber

  • Iolite

  • Calcite

  • Fluorite

  • Sodalite

  • Jet

  • Amazonite

  • Turquoise

  • Chiastolite

  • Selenite

  • Lithium and Rutilated Quartz

  • Moldavite and Meteorites

  • Carnelian

  • Pyrite

  • Gold

  • Indigo Gabbro

  • Charoite

  • Larimar

  • Lapis Lazuli

  • Apophyllite

  • Celestite

  • Magnetite

The teachings in the Temple almost defy words.

This is a profound study that appealed to the science and the spirit within me in an astounding way. It enhanced my practice, medicine, and life at all levels.

It transformed things around me and offered a gateway into new facets of being. It helped me answer personal questions and added a lot of insight into my life.”


Jonathan Gaffin

Energy-worker and tracker for sacred pipe ceremony

"Temple of Stone was like the key I was looking for to unlock my Soul's Potential.

I felt such a deep calling from stone medicine and Temple of Stone I learned to engage with it in ways that I never knew existed.

I felt so supported on this journey from Sarah, the Stones, and my fellow classmates in such a strong way. I have no doubt that this helped bring messages of Love and Illumination to me that were revealed both in waking and in dream time to support such a beautiful shift into Light!"


Ravina Shive

Rooted Avalonian Soul

“When I enrolled in this course, I was new to Stone Medicine. Sarah made it clear I would feel guided to move at whatever rate and depth I was comfortable with. Thank you for creating a course that welcomes newcomers as well as seasoned Stone Spirit people. The connection that was formed in the class was palpable. I feel much of my own opening came from the union with the stones.”


Laurel Davis DVM

Sunvet Animal Wellness Clinic

Being in Temple of Stone delivered all I might hope for, and what’s so much more, is that I received what I did not even know I needed. And that is profound. Those things are life-changing. One thing (and there's many) I love most about Sarah is she teaches us to access our own learnings from the stones and empowers us through the transformative medicine of the stones to trust ourselves. She empowers us to know the wisdom of our own hearts. To take that empowerment into the learned practices and into our relationships with the stones, others, nature, work, and myself, is true medicine. If you feel any calling to stones you've just aligned yourself in the highest direction out there.


Rebecca Steele

Classical Acupuncture

Much more than a class on stones, it’s a journey. The wisdom is deep, the teachings are unique and impactful.  I loved it. I appreciate every bit of Sarah’s personal experience that she opened up to share and teach from. This was such a multilayered experience about what it means to be alive; what consciousness is, and the brilliant, multifaceted and fantastical ways that it moves through creation. I have new eyes from which to see.


Jessica Seacrest

Licensed Acupuncturist

“I’ve collected stones since I was two years old.

But, not until these courses have I had any structure for learning about them or using them therapeutically.

My practice is gently transitioning to include stone medicine.

So far, one morning a week. What I’m learning about stones from these courses is so exciting!  And the results are unbelievably powerful and wonderful!


Bill Harvey

Certified Advanced Rolfer Inc.  Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Instructor

If I could give this course 5000 stars I would.

And Sarah would get at least that many. She is the perfect guide to explore this information due to her deep love and sincerity for the subject and her role in being a guide to explore this area. I have had a strong interest in stones for some time but except for reading a few books I had never had any sort of grounded guidance.

The course was well worth the journey.


Drew Greenland

healer and stonalist

Temple of Stone is a bright shining light in the darkness.


I have had so many profound healings and awakenings during this course that it's hard to put into words.


Sarah is an incredible teacher and guided me through profound ways of working with the stones that I have not found anywhere else. I also loved the weaving of many traditions. It's also been an incredible way for me to connect with like-minded ‘stonalists’ nearby and around the world."


Sally Walker

Emerald Dragonfly Apothecary


Let's recap!

When you enroll in Temple of Stone

you receive over 15 inspiring live lectures, a full training in a 27-stone materia medica, 

the rituals, the protocols, the video and audio replays for life, the PDFs, 

- a COMPLETE personal transformation through an ancient ceremonial progression -

and, you become one of the most knowledgable certified stone medicine practitioners on Earth.


(Value $8,970)



  • Lifetime Membership in Our Graduates Only Private Facebook Group

    for connection with other stone practitioners that could lead to many possibilities and connections.

Over $11,070 in value

plus some priceless connections!

“This material.


It’s cosmic, it’s terrestrial,

and it's very accessible.


The way these teachings are conveyed is so full of reverence it’s palpable. Sarah is truly a steward of this ancient wisdom.

I’m blessed to have been Divinely led here!

Thank you, Temple of Stone!


Rupali Kristi Mulford

Healer and Acupuncturist

This was a life-changing experience at the deepest levels of my soul.


Not only in the 9-weeks in the Temple, but also the seeds planted there will continue to grow throughout my life.”



Temple Graduate

This course has been one of the most unique and transformative journeys I have taken thus far.


Sarah has combined her vast knowledge and perspectives in such a beautiful way as to provide the space for deep inner transformation within me.


I highly highly recommend this course for anyone who wishes to form a deeper relationship with the stones and within themselves.

Sarah is truly Divinely inspired and inspires me to find the same.”


Michelle Kavieff

Yoga Teacher, Master Reiki

Sarah Thomas, LAc

Founder and Lead instructor at Upper Clarity Stone Medicine

Sarah Thomas, BS, MAc, LAc, NCCAOM Dipl.

is a healer, acupuncturist and educator with over fifteen years of clinical and academic experience within Daoist stone medicine.

Sarah owns Clarity Acupuncture in Asheville, NC, where she performed over 10,000 acupuncture and crystal hybrid treatments in her first decade of work!


She developed North Carolina's first Studies in Mineral Healing Program at Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism, teaches yearly at Earth medicine conferences across the U.S., and certifies "stonalists" across the world in thriving online certification programs rooted in an ancient Daoist tradition.

Sarah is absolutely devoted to ongoing studies with master teachers from multiple traditions. If there was such a thing as a doctorate in stone medicine, Sarah would have 3 of them! (we'll get there).

Her own Dao is to resurrect the vast knowledge and uncharted potentials of healing and awakening with stones. 

Sarah founded the Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine so people just like you can experience a giant evolutionary leap in healing and awakening with stones.

And then lead the way forward.

Your student support:

Jessica Sparks-Mussulin

Teacher Assistant and Coordinator of Student Success

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to some important questions.

How are so many different kinds of students getting such transformational results from Temple of Stone?

What happens when I enroll? What's life like in the course?

Is this difficult to learn? Will there be too much to memorize? Will I still succeed if I'm new to stones or healing work?

How can I get the 27 stones we will be studying? Any tips on good resources for building my collection?

Can you tell me more details about the stones I will need? Will I need polished or rough, small or large, one or more pieces, etc. etc.?

Can you tell me more details about the certification I receive for completing this training?

What does my certification allow me to do in accordance with my state guidelines? What if I hold other licenses? What if I'm brand new to healing and don't have any previous experience with patients?

Tell me more about the 30 CEUs through NCCAOM. How do I know if these course credits will be approved for me?

How do we get our NCCAOM CEU certificate after we complete the course and how long does the certificate take to get here?

Will I learn the properties of several stones in this course?

What's the refund policy?

How long do I have to complete this course?

Can I download the video lectures or audio versions to my own devices?

A life-changing experience,


Sarah was a mesmerizing guide and wonderful teacher showing the way toward the powerful healing connection I learned to have with stones and crystals.”


Pricilla Coblentz

Seeker and Singer

“As an energy healer, Sarah has showed me how to use stones to amplify the energy during my sessions.


Her knowledge of Daoist stone medicine is extraordinary.


Carmina Alvarez-Gaffin

Energy Healer

I walked into Temple of Stone, then emerged with broad wings of how to be of better service. 


Progress on the path of awakening is my reward for participating in the course, so much so, that I will take TOS again.


Twelve Temples

on Instagram

Plants, stones and everything of the Earth simply reflect you back to you. They reflect your ideas, beliefs, unconscious stories and states of consciousness. Only you can make anything "work." Furthermore, true holistic systems, like ancient Daoist medicine, rely fully on the state of consciousness of the practitioner. Like quantum science, the observer affects the experiment. Therefore, we do not have the ability to, or claim to, change your state or make you an effective healer by guiding you through one singular training. We do not guarantee you will get any results at all, nor the benefits of results, such as better relationships or a growing practice, because those changes are yours alone to claim. We hope you will bring full awareness of you to this field of potential, claiming full responsibility for your states, beliefs, possible perceived failures and also your successes and achievements in healing.

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